Are Two Yorkipoos Better Than One

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Well, the decision to bring home a furry friend is accompanied by a debate: should you opt for a single dog, or consider a welcoming pair? Well, the concept of having more than one Yorkipoos have many benefits. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these!

Companionship Amplified:

One of the most apparent benefits of having two Yorkipoos is two times the love. Dogs are inherently social animals, and having a companion of their own kind can mitigate loneliness, especially when human family members are away. You can’t be home around the clock to keep your fur pal company, but when you go for more than one dog, they can live like a small family and have a friendly outlet for natural behaviours.

Learning and Behavioural Development:

A second Yorkipoo in the household can serve as an excellent mentor for a younger or less experienced canine. The older dog can impart valuable lessons in terms of house training, obedience, and socialisation. The presence of a seasoned peer can also positively influence the behaviour and temperament of your younger Yorkipoo for a more well-rounded and disciplined pet.

Energy Expenditure and Stimulation

Dogs are known for their boundless energy, and having two Yorkipoos can offer ample opportunities to burn off that energy through play and interaction. Engaging in activities together, such as chasing each other or playing tug-of-war doesn’t just help keep them physically fit, but it also provides mental stimulation that can ward off boredom-related behavioural issues.

Enhanced Security and Training:

Two dogs can enhance the sense of security within a home. When you train a pair of Yorkipoos properly, they can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Moreover, Yorkipoos can learn from each other when it comes to alerting the household to unusual sounds or occurrences, contributing to a safer living environment. So, whether you are searching for Yorkipoos or Yorkshire terriers for sale near Leeds, getting more than one dog can have several advantages for them and you!


Looking for well-socialised and happy Yorkipoo pups for sale? Douglas Hall Kennels can be your go-to destination. As a family-run business located in the Rolling Hills of the stunning Lancashire countryside, they help pet lovers find adorable fur babies to fulfil their dream of becoming pet parents. They are fully licensed breeders and are regulated by the Pendle Borough Authorities. All the facilities are kept clean and hygienic, and the puppies are raised in a tender and loving environment. Need well-groomed and socialised puppies for your home? Adopt them from Douglas Hall Kennels now!

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