Signs You Are Your Cavapoo’s Favourite Hooman

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they are more than happy to let their hoomans know when they are their favourite person in the world. Cavapoos are no exception. They stand out for their charming personality and unwavering loyalty, and whether you are searching for cavapoo breeders in the UK to adopt a puppy or you are already a proud Cavapoo owner, there are many ways to find out if you hold a special place in your Cavapoo’s heart. From tail wags to enthusiastic hops, here are unique ways in which Cavapoos show their affection for you!

Intense Eye Contact:

Cavapoos have a unique way of communicating their feelings through eye contact. If your Cavapoo maintains prolonged eye contact with you, it’s a sign of their deep affection. This mutual gaze establishes a strong emotional connection and fosters a sense of trust between you and your furry companion. Even when you are looking for cavapoos for sale near Liverpool, try to meet them, and if they maintain eye contact, they love you!

Enthusiastic Greetings:

One telltale sign that you hold a special place in your Cavapoo’s heart is the way they greet you. When you come home, does your furry friend wiggle their entire body with uncontainable excitement? This enthusiastic reception goes beyond a regular hello and signifies that you are their favourite hooman. The joy they display upon seeing you showcase the strong bond you share.

The age-old tail-wagging principle:

Let’s admit it: tail wagging is a universal dog language, but the intensity and context of the gesture can reveal a dog’s feelings towards you. If a cavapoo wags its tail excitedly and vigorously upon seeing you, they are expressing genuine happiness and affection. Tail wagging for cavapoos is their way of saying, “You make me incredibly happy.”

Following You Everywhere:

Do you find your Cavapoo constantly shadowing your every move? This behaviour goes beyond curiosity—it indicates that your presence brings them comfort and security. Your Cavapoo’s desire to be by your side signifies the strong attachment they feel towards you, making it clear that you are their preferred company.

Showing their Belly:

When a dog exposes its belly, it’s a sign of vulnerability and submission. If your Cavapoo willingly rolls over to show its belly, it means they trust you completely. This is a profound indication that they consider you their haven and favourite hooman, as they wouldn’t expose such a vulnerable part of their body to just anyone.

Special Bonding Rituals:

Every Cavapoo-human relationship develops its unique rituals. Whether it’s a specific game, a spot for cuddles, or a secret handshake, these shared activities strengthen the bond between you and your pup. If your Cavapoo initiates these rituals or gets visibly excited when you do, it’s a clear sign that you are their most-loved hooman.


Does your cavapoo seek your attention even when other people are around? Well, this is a clear indication that your dog values your companionship more than anything else. Get a cavapoo for sale near Manchester and cherish these subtle yet profound signs that reflect the unique connection you share with your Cavapoo! Looking for cavapoos for sale in the UK? Find them at Douglas Hall Kennels! 

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