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Douglas Hall Kennels

Welcome to Douglas Hall Kennels. We are a family-run UK registered dog breeder, with a passion for animal care. Our team takes puppy care very seriously, ensuring all puppies for sale are well looked after. Key staff members hold Level 3 awards in canine care, behaviour and welfare, and are registered pet first aiders. We are the chosen puppy breeder for many families in Lancashire and across the UK, successfully homing puppies in Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington, Clitheroe, Lancaster, Preston, Manchester and Liverpool

Courtney Vale
Courtney Vale
We got our beautiful girl from here. The puppies are really well looked after and are kept in a hygienic friendly environemt 😊
Phil Grimshaw
Phil Grimshaw
Got our puppy from here very professional place and contacted us a month later to see how our pup was doing highly recommend
Sam B (Sam)
Sam B (Sam)
Daughter took me to have a look round. Clean friendly place. The pups are well looked after and you'll want to take them all home
Jerome Builles
Jerome Builles
The personel is very friendly and knowledgeable, with plenty of advice for future owners at their request. Getting a puppy there was painles, she was well fed, in good health and she now sure seems to have settled in her new home. Thanks a lot!
caprice richardson
caprice richardson
We had such an amazing experience at Douglas kennels, all very friendly when we arrived to show us around, and happy to help with any questions we had regarding the puppies. Once we had chosen our beautiful Cockerpoo, we sat in their office to answer questions we had, and also gave us some food to take home with us, as well as all the details for his microchip which was later sent to our address. We then also 2 weeks later got a courtesy call from Douglas kennels to see how Oliver was settling in, and did we have any concerns or questions for them. The best experience we’ve had, and what an amazing puppy we have gained into our family. Also Daisy advised if we ever needed anything, we can always give her a call for any advice and support. Would 100% recommend to our family and friends, and they are truly amazing people.
Doreen Garvey
Doreen Garvey
Got the sweetest little cockapoo from them seven years ago

Why Choose Douglas Hall Kennels, a Trusted Puppy Breeder?

Fully licensed

Health-Checked Puppies

The health of our puppies is our priority. We have weekly visits from our vet and once puppies reach 9 weeks old, they are thoroughly health-checked and receive their first vaccine, worming, flea treatment, and are microchipped.

5 star license

Fully Licensed & Regulated

Animal Welfare Licence MAW/23/2048’ Selling Animals As Pets & ‘Animal Welfare Licence MAW/18/1562’ Breeding Dogs

All year round

Complete Care

We are with you and your puppy every step of the way. Our puppies receive round-the-clock care, from the moment they take their first breath to the day they find their forever homes. After they find their new family, our team are always on hand for advice and support.

Maltese Westie or West Highland Terrier puppy isolated on white background

Visiting Hours

We believe in openness and invite you to come to our kennels and experience the puppies’ happiness and joy for yourself. You can meet our adorable puppies at Douglas Hall Kennels at any time during our office opening hours. Contact Us Now!

Our Pups For Sale

Cross-Breed Puppies

Discover the unique charm of our cross-breed puppies, each with their own individual traits and personalities.


Pure-Bred Puppies

If you’re looking for a specific breed, our pure-bred puppies are bred with love and care.


Older Puppies

We also have older puppies who are ready to bring love and joy to your home.

Our Puppies: A Day in the Life

Our puppies have a well-structured and fulfilling day from the time they wake up at 5am to the time they snuggle up with their siblings at bedtime. They play, eat nutritious meals of Royal Canin food specially formulated for puppies and their digestive system, and socialise to develop their loving nature

Our Consistent Commitment to Our Puppies’ Care:

Responsible Breeding Practices

As licensed breeders, we prioritise having a nurturing environment for all of our puppies. Our breeding bitches reside in bio-secure accommodations with central heating, to promote healthy growth and development while ensuring their optimal health and safety. These dogs regularly interact with other similar-sized dogs and our team throughout their day. Our dogs have access to outdoor runs and dog play.

Safe and Hygienic Kennels

Our puppies are housed in spacious, well-lit kennels that are meticulously cleaned to ensure the highest standards of safety and hygiene. To reduce stress and create a comfortable environment, our facilities are designed using advanced animal welfare techniques.

Post-Birth Care

Following the birth of our puppies, we adhere to the latest dog welfare guidelines. We have weekly visits from our vet and once puppies reach 9 weeks old, they are thoroughly health-checked and receive their first vaccine, worming, flea treatment, and are microchipped.

Active Lifestyle

We understand the importance of an active lifestyle for our four-legged friends. Our puppies benefit from daily exercise, which promotes both physical and mental health, meaning that our puppies are happy and healthy.

Why You Should Buy from a Fully Licensed & Regulated Breeder

When you choose a puppy from Douglas Hall Kennels, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are bringing home a healthy and well-socialised puppy.

  • We have weekly visits from our vet and once puppies reach 9 weeks old, they are thoroughly health-checked and receive their first vaccine, worming, flea treatment, and are microchipped.
  • We only sell puppies that we have bred in our fully licensed and regulated UK kennels.
  • We also provide you with all the necessary documentation and information to help your new family member settle into your home.
  • All of our facilities are regularly cleaned and are available for inspection at any time by the relevant local authorities.

Our Licences

Douglas Hall Kennels is a trusted Lancashire dog breeder. We have permits and licences to breed and sell puppies, including:

  • Animal Welfare Licence MAW/23/2048’ Selling Animals As Pets & Animal Welfare Licence MAW/18/1562 Breeding Dogs.
  • We have the breeding dog licence no. 9 from the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (Douglas Hall Kennels – Eric Lancaster).

Aftercare Process

We provide each puppy with a fantastic aftercare service to ensure that you and your new furry friend are happy and healthy. You can be confident with our aftercare service and call our staff at any stage for any help or advice once taking your puppy home.

If for any reason your puppy is not settling into their new family home, due to a family member being allergic or not getting on with an existing pet, you’re more than welcome to bring puppy back to Douglas Hall Kennels, along with the vet’s vaccination card and we will offer a full refund less a £30 handling/admin fee. You can return a puppy to Douglas Hall Kennels at any stage if for any reason circumstances change. Please note, it depends how old the puppy is as to how much we are able to reimburse.

  • Our team registers your details to the microchip number with the PETtrac company ‘Avid Plc’ within 7-14 days of handover.
  • Puppies leave us with a starter pack of Royal Canin puppy food in the size of an 800g bag.
  • Douglas Hall Kennels will not let our puppies leave us if they are undergoing treatment or if there are visible signs of injury or stress.
  • If anything should appear after leaving the kennels within 48 hours of the puppy’s independent health vet check, Douglas Hall Kennels will reimburse the cost of any treatment required if it is deemed to have come from the kennels.

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