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Did you know that nearly a third of the households in the UK have pet dogs to keep them company? Now you can also be a proud pet parent with cute canines from our premium kennel. At Douglas Hall Kennels, we take pride in breeding adorable and healthy purebred puppies for sale. Whether you are a seasoned dog parent or looking for your first furry companion, we have a selection of endearing puppies to capture your heart!


Douglas Hall Kennels offer purebred puppies for sale including small breeds such as Beagle puppies to larger breeds such as Labrador puppies. We’re a family run business located in the heart of Lancashire, just outside Burnley, and all our puppies are raised with tender loving care. As a fully licensed breeder, we adhere to regulatory standards and undergo weekly vet visits.

All facilities here at Douglas Hall Kennels are kept hygienic and clean and are available for inspection at any time. All purebred puppies leave us microchipped and have had their first vaccination with a bag of Royal Canin puppy food included. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any more information. Or, if you’d like to view our pedigree puppies we are open seven days a week between 10:30 am till 6 pm weekdays and 10:30 am till 4:30 pm on Saturdays and 10 am till 5 pm on Sundays. You do not need to book an appointment, but we recommend you call ahead as weekends and holidays are our busiest times.

Find Your New Best Friend || Browse Our Selection of Purebred Puppies

A purebred puppy is one whose parents are from the same breed. When you bring home a purebred puppy, you can rest assured that its sire and dam are from a well-known breed with predictable characteristics. Many people in the UK prefer to adopt purebred puppies for the following reasons:

  • Consistent Temperament: Purebred puppies display predictable temperament, behaviour, and personality traits based on their breeds. As a result, pet parents can choose puppies that fit their unique needs. Many pet parents also find it easier to train and raise a purebred puppy.
  • Predictable Physical Characteristics: When you bring home a purebred puppy, you can have a concrete idea about its physical development as it grows into an adult dog. You can estimate its approximate size, weight, fur, and physical characteristics, making it a more predictable choice.
  • Breed Preference: Often, potential pet parents have a preference for a certain breed owing to their background and beliefs. For example, a family with a history of owning and raising Westies may prefer this breed while browsing purebred puppies for sale.
  • Ability to Participate in Dog Shows: Sometimes, pet owners love to take their furry friends to dog shows, showing them off to the audience and winning prizes for them. Many shows in the UK only allow purebred dogs, making it a suitable choice for people inclined to attend these events.

Puppy Paradise || Discover Our Range of Happy and Healthy Puppies for Sale

At Douglas Hall Kennels, we are passionate about breeding adorable pups. We raise them in a happy, safe, and hygienic environment till they find their forever homes. You can browse our website to find beautiful puppies to add joy and excitement to your household. We have options like Beagles, Westies, Yorkshire Terriers, and many more. Our gates are open for hopeful pet parents to meet and interact with our gorgeous puppies. You can visit us in Lancashire to learn more about our purebred puppies for sale and pick a furry friend to take home with you.

Looking for a Loyal Companion? Here’s Why Douglas Hall Kennels Must Be Your Go-to!

You can choose your perfect pup from our large selection at Douglas Hall Kennels. We take excellent care of our purebred puppies for sale, preparing them for the day when their pet parents take them home! Why should you trust us to purchase your beautiful furry friend? Here are the reasons why our kennel in Lancashire must be your go-to choice!

  • Licensed Breeder: We are fully licensed to breed and sell puppies in the UK. Statutory guidelines require a breeder to be adequately involved in the puppies’ conception and birth. We play a hands-on role in breeding our puppies and caring for them from birth. That is why we have been recognised as a licensed breeder permitted to breed purebred puppies for sale. Our kennel is regulated by the Pendle Borough Council, ensuring full compliance with statutory norms.
  • Healthy Environment: We maintain a healthy environment for our little furry friends, with regular visits by veterinarian specialists. Our purebred puppies for sale have all received their first dose of vaccine, ensuring they can fight off diseases. We also feed high-quality, nutritious food to our fur babies so they can be happy and healthy!
  • Clean and Hygienic: We always ensure our kennel is clean and hygienic for our beautiful puppies. We are open to inspections by the local authorities to confirm that we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness when it comes to breeding our pups.
  • End-to-End Support: Our family-run business is committed to caring for canines from the beginning to the end. That is why our responsibility does not end with helping you purchase our purebred puppies for sale. We also guide new pet parents about the various aspects of caring for their puppies. Our experts provide detailed information about feeding, training, and raising the pups. In addition, we also offer continuous support after you take your puppy home, ensuring end-to-end care for your beloved furry friends.

Experience Unconditional Love with Little Pups|| Contact Us to Meet Our Puppies Today

You can reach out to our team anytime to discuss your needs for a gorgeous puppy! Feel free to drop by our Lancashire kennel during business hours to meet and play with our fur babies.


1. How commonly do pet parents adopt purebred puppies?

Most pet parents prefer to go for purebred puppies for sale. These dogs make up 75% of the total pet dog population in the UK, making them the most popular choice among pet owners.

2. How should I choose the perfect puppy for my household?

One of the best parts of adopting a purebred puppy is choosing them according to their predictable traits. You can research the nature and characteristics of different breeds before selecting a pup that suits your lifestyle. Our team at Douglas Hall Kennels can guide you in making this choice.

3. Do I need to vaccinate the puppy when I take it home?

We ensure our puppies get the first dose of vaccination when the vet recommends the same. You can get them booster vaccines according to their age and health requirements after consulting the vet.

4. What is microchipping for puppies?

A microchip is a small device inserted under a puppy’s skin to help track them if they get lost. All our puppies are microchipped to help ensure their safety. Buying a microchipped pup can give you peace of mind and minimise the hassle by taking this task off your plate!

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