Buying a Puppy

To puppy or not to puppy?

The first thing you’ll need to sort out as a prospective dog owner is the age of dog you want. Puppies carry advantages – the biggest one being that they can be trained to eliminate bad habits – but be prepared for the added responsibilities that come with a young pup. When you bring a puppy home for the first time, you’ll have to ensure he is fed several times a day, given plenty of attention and not left alone for long periods. He will also require house-training, which can be a time-consuming process, Here at Douglas Hall Kennels, we can give you all the advice and support you need.

Choosing your dog

The next important things to consider are the dog’s temperament and breed. Temperament is not solely defined by the breed but is also innate within a dog, and can vary from pup to pup within the same litter. A good test is to simply pick up the puppy and check how quickly he settles down with you, again Douglas Hall Kennels can help in making the right choice for you and your family.


Best breed for me?

Families with young children should choose a breed of dog that has a more friendly and relaxed personality, and is happy to be surrounded by people. Such breeds include Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers. Some breeds of dog can be more aloof and territorial, and these may be better suited to households without children, although all dogs are different, so this won’t always be the case. These include Akitas, Chihuahuas and Chow Chows. Spend some time researching the characteristics of the breed you’re considering or have a chat with our team at Douglas Hall Kennels.

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