Bringing a Puppy Home

Collecting your new, four-legged companion is an exciting moment, one that you will never forget. Make sure you are well prepared when going to pick up your puppy, so you both have a relaxed journey home.

When taking your puppy home, remember to take:

• a comfortable dog carrier
• a cosy blanket
• water and food for longer journeys Your new puppy will probably be nervous being taken away from their litter and environment for the first time. Here are some tips to help them relax: 
• Try to keep them in a quiet environment
• Settle your puppy in a carrier
• If the puppy is nervous, don’t let children or adults handle the puppy too much
• Make sure they have enough space and fresh air
• If the puppy shows signs of distress, sit quietly and comfort them
• Make sure you give your puppy comfort breaks and take spare bedding – puppies are inclined to wee when nervous or excited Don’t forget!

The first settling-in week is a very exciting time for all the family! During this time you are beginning to teach your puppy who their new family is and they are learning to trust you and bond with you.

The first few weeks

Make a list of all the things that you think are likely to be part of your dog’s life – everything you can think of that you want your puppy to accept as a normal part of their routine. 

Below is a list of examples, which fall into two categories:

Socialisation – things you want your puppy to be friendly towards, interact with and look on as being part of their social group

Habituation – things you want your puppy to accept as normal, so ultimately they ignore them and instead pay attention to you

For the next eight weeks, your puppy is still learning about who is part of their social group and who is not. 
Your job is to make sure they get plenty of rewarding experiences with the people, animals and things that matter.
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