Yorkshire Terrier Myths Debunked – Separating Fact from Fiction

Have you decided to take the plunge and get yourself a four-legged companion finally? While browsing different websites and looking up purebred puppies for sale, you must have come across Yorkshire Terriers. A British toy dog, they are incredibly popular around the world for their dainty frames and big personalities. But like most celebrities, Yorkies have also been a victim of lies and myths. Today, we clear the air about some of them so that you get to meet their true, authentic self.

Myth #1: Yorkshire Terriers Are Couch Potatoes

Sure, Yorkies love spending time lazing on a couch or napping in their bed; who doesn’t? But they are also tiny dynamos, bursting with energy. Whether out on the run, playing a gold old game of fetch, or solving puzzles, these puppers need plenty of playtime and stimulation to keep them happy and thriving.

Myth #2: Yorkies Are Fragile And Delicate 

If you have been hesitating to look up Yorkshire Terriers for sale in Manchester because you have heard that they are fragile, we have good news for you. Despite their tiny looks, these dogs are tough cookies – sturdy and resilient. With proper care and attention, they can give you years of love, fun and laughter. Incorporating regular vet checkups and a healthy diet can do wonders in keeping them in great shape.

Myth #3: Yorkies Yap And Bark Constantly

Yorkies boast a feisty personality and don’t shy away from vocally reminding you of their presence. However, they are far from being yappy. With proper training and socialisation, they can be taught to keep the noise down. They are incredibly smart and respond well to training, so teaching them to be the best puppers in the block isn’t that hard of a task.

Myth #4: Yorkshire Terriers Are Only For Seasoned Dog Owners

While Yorkies require special attention because of their tiny sizes and long coats, anyone willing to learn to take care of them can own one. With proper research, hours of dedicated training, and lots of love, these puppies can be great companions for anyone, whether a newbie or an experienced dog owner.

Myth #5 Yorkies Shed A Lot

With their long, glamorous coat, Yorkies surely seem like dogs that would shed a lot, don’t they? But like the old adage goes, looks can be deceiving. While it is true that Yorkies shed some fur every now and then, the absence of an undercoat ensures that they don’t shed much. With regular grooming, you can reduce shedding even further while making sure that they look their absolute best. 

To Wrap Up,

Yorkshire Terriers are smart, suave and playful dogs that adapt to any situation they are in. They are loyal, compassionate and fiery, adding a ray of sunshine to your life. So, have you decided to add this intelligent, debonair four-legged member to your family? If yes, and you’ve been scouring for Yorkshire terriers for sale in Leeds, we have a name you can trust – Douglas Hall Kennels. They are a registered and licensed family-owned business that provides healthy and friendly puppies. Contact them today and start the process of making your life a little more fun.