Christmas is a time for friends, family and loved ones and this of course includes our furry companions.

Dogs love to be at the heart of every family and that includes every family gathering and celebration. Your pet will pick up on the excitement and not want to be left out.

Unless they’re the shy and retiring type who likes things kept just so, most dogs thrive on the chaos of Christmas and love the festivities as much as we do.

And there are a lot of reasons why:

1. More guests equals more attention. Yes all those visitors and relatives mean that your pooch gets more strokes and kisses than usual, he doesn’t even mind the sloppy drunken kisses or the hairy, lipsticky ones from Grandma.

2. More food equals more opportunity for snacking. With way more food in the house than the rest of the year, doggy really comes into his own in hoovering up the leftovers.

3. Because basically Christmas means turkey.

4. And cheese.

5. Wrapping up presents. Dogs love it. Give them the empty card tubes to play with.

6. Unwrapping presents. Your canine companion is keen to help out here too, scrunch the stuff up into balls and throw it for them.

7. All those bracing walks needed to shift some of the turkey and Quality Street? Dog’s obviously on board.

8. And he’s more than happy to be the excuse if you need to get some fresh air/get away from the relatives/get to the pub. ‘Just taking the dog out’.

9. Oh and the snooze in front of the telly while the Queen does her thing? Look who’s got his head on your lap. Aaaah. 

10. Cosy new coats and jumpers. Forget your competitive Christmas jumper – festive wear for dogs has reached giddy new heights these days. Spoil your pooch and keep him warm with a trad knitted number or dress him as a snowman for Instagram. Its all good fun!

11. And have you seen the advent calendars for dogs now? Filled with choc drops and meaty treats these are ideal for getting your hound ready for the big day. Open together in the morning for joint excitement.

12. What’s this at the bottom of the stocking? It’s only a new squeaky toy in the shape of a Christmas pudding. You lucky, lucky boy.

13. Can’t find a partner for a bit of drunken dancing in the kitchen while the turkey’s in? Your dog will most certainly oblige you. 

14. Decorations! Plenty of funny baubles and balls rolling around the floor means plenty of chasing fun.

15. New socks and slippers? Woohoo, can I have your old ones? 

16. The Christmas ads are stuffed full of cute canines, meaning the family are far more likely to throw in an extra emotional cuddle. Especially after a Baileys or two.

17. Spending time with YOU! Seasonal holidays mean time off work if you’re lucky and your dog reaps the benefit… because all they really want for Christmas is you.

NOTE: While dogs love an extra treat please remember so much of our festive food is bad for dogs including onions, chocolate, raisins, nuts and Christmas pudding.

Keep an eye out for staples or sticky tape in that wrapping paper and if you do have a house full of people try to keep a quiet spot where your dog can have a time out. Merry Christmas pooches.

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