Puppy food: dry and wet dog foods

puppy food to ensure your pup grows up hale and hearty

Providing the best puppy food for the newest canine companion in your life is a must to give them all they need to grow up big, healthy and strong. Specially designed puppy food is matched to growing dogs’ dietary requirements to help them get the best start in life.

If you have older furry friends in your home already it is tempting just to give your new pup the same food. However, even if you’ve already done the research to find the best dog food for your budget and breed, puppies have different energy requirements, especially as they burn twice the amount of calories a day compared to adult dogs. They also need the correct balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water to help them grow. Puppy specific formulations take away the guesswork on what’s good and bad for your pup, so are well worth investing in.

Of course, every puppy is different, so no brand fits all – it’s best to match the formulation to the size and breed of your new addition. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of puppy foods to choose from, and the front of the packet will tell you which dogs they have been designed for.

There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the best puppy food though: Those containing natural ingredients, and no artificial colors or preservatives, although more expensive, are better for your growing pup. You should also look for puppy foods with a high level of protein as this will give them the energy they need to deal with their high levels of activity. Protein is also essential for skeletal and muscle development.

Puppy foods with dog-specific probiotics are also recommended. They help boost the digestive and immune system by helping develop a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria.

Remember too, even though you may have bought the best puppy food for your breed, a lot depends on portion size. Overfeeding your pup can be as bad as feeding them the wrong thing – so make sure you follow the recommendations on the packet. You can also speak to us in the office at Douglas Hall Kennels or your local vet for advice.

That said, you shouldn’t be afraid of supplementing their meals with a few of the best puppy treats. These are essential for rewarding good behavior and helping to train them. They can also help fussy puppies get the calories they need!

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