Cavapoos 101: Understanding the Breed

Otherwise known as the teddy bears of the dog world, cavapoos are cuddly, smart and intelligent creatures. The cavapoo or Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, and these dogs are known for their adorable appeal, resembling teddy bears and fluffy coats that can be wavy or curly. Are you thinking about getting cavapoo puppies for sale in the UK but don’t know anything about them or have no idea where to start? Well, here’s a guide!

Variations of the Cavapoo

The interesting part is that cavapoos can vary in size depending on what size of the poodle is in their lineage and which parent breed they inherit more of their character from. While toy cavapoos are the smallest, weighing around 7-13 pounds, the standard cavapoos are the largest, weighing around 20-25 pounds.

Personality Traits and Behaviour

Believe us when we say this: it would be difficult for a Cavapoo not to be charming. In fact, being charming is in their genes. Both the parent breeds of Cavapoos are outgoing, playful, and lovable, which makes cavapoos lively and free-spirited. Generally weighing 12 to 20 pounds, these dogs make comfortable sizes for most homes. Although cavapoos aren’t necessarily the best watchdogs, they are great companions and hosts when you want them to greet visitors with a smile. Their intelligence, sweet nature and loving disposition are some of the widely loved personality traits that every dog parent needs in their dog.

What is a Cavapoo Like with Children?

If you have kids at home and think cavapoos are a good addition to your home, you don’t need to break a sweat. The Cavapoo breed is known for being gentle and playful, which makes them excellent companions for kids of all ages. They are patient, not aggressive, which makes them ideal for kids of all ages.

Cavapoos are playful and energetic, so they would love to play fetch, run around in the park and go for walks. Great for active kids. In addition, they are extremely adaptable, so if you have a cavapoo as a pet, they can live in various environments, including houses, farms and apartments. They are low-maintenance, easily trainable and friendly, which makes them a good choice for families with busy schedules.

Temperament and Hypoallergenic Attributes

Most people mistake cavapoos and poodles as allergy-causing creatures, but allergies are caused by dander, not coat type. While poodles cavapoos and low-dander breeds, get them from a reputed breeder to ensure the health and hygiene of your new canine companion. 


Regarding cavapoos, you can find no kinder dog to join your household. These adorable dogs don’t just look sweet on the outside; they are also immensely affectionate on the inside. With big eyes, floppy ears and a round face, cavapoos can make you fall in love when you set your eyes on them. Ready to get a cavapoo home but can’t find cavapoo breeders in the UK? Find well-socialised and healthy cavapoos at Douglas Hall Kennels today!