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The playful yet polite Labrador cross golden retriever

Labradors are sociable and playful, while golden retrievers are generally quite ‘polite’ when meeting adults and children as well as other dogs. Both Labradors and golden retrievers are members of the gundog group. … Being water dogs, both breeds are strong swimmers.

So why Choose Douglas Hall Kennels?

Douglas Hall Kennels offer crossbreed puppies for sale in the heart of the Lancashire countryside. We make choosing your new family addition very seriously and can offer advice and guidance on crossbreed puppies’ appearance, temperament, characteristics and more. From Cavapoos (Cavalier King Charles x Toy Poodle), Cockapoos (Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Poodle) to Puggles (Pug x Beagle) and more, as a fully licensed breeder, we adhere to regulatory standards and undergo weekly vet visits.

All facilities here at Douglas Hall Kennels are kept hygienic and clean and are available for inspection at any time. All puppies are raised with tender loving care and leave us with our guarantee of quality and health. Also, all puppies leave us having had their first vaccination and with a bag of Royal Canin puppy food included.

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