You’ve purchased your pup, now what?

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Here, we’ve put together some top tips to take note of when bringing your puppy home, in order to help them settle in quickly.

  1. Provide a quiet space

Whilst you will no doubt be excited about having your new puppy arrive at your home, it is important to remember that the experience can be very daunting for the puppy itself, and that while they may be playful, affectionate and active, at some point, they will also need a calm, quiet space to relax, take stock, and sleep.

Make sure that this place is thought out and set out for them in advance, and make it one of the first things that you show to your pup.

  1. Don’t change their food suddenly 

Try to avoid switching your new pup’s food straight away from the one they are used to eating. Starting off with food they are used too during the first few days of your new pup’s life with you gives them time to settle in to all of the other new things in their life first.

Young puppies eat little and often, so remember at this young age they may need feeding more often than they will when they reach around four months old.

  1. Pick the right name and start using it

You may have already decided on a name for your new pup, but many people prefer to wait until they get the pup and a name becomes evident over time.

Your new puppy should not remain nameless for more than a few days though, as it is important to get them used to it.

  1. Get your routine going immediately

From the first night that your new pup is with you, you should start getting them used to the routine of the household in terms of when they will be fed, allowed out to the toilet, walked, and expected to sleep. This may take a little trial and error until your pup gets into the swing of things, but dogs need a set, reliable routine in order to thrive, so start as you mean to go on!

  1. Get them insured and check when they require their next vaccination

It’s wise to insure your puppy as soon as you get them, just in case anything unexpected or untoward happens and they need veterinary care. Don’t put this off as something to do later on -arrange their insurance before you bring them home.

It’s also important to check when you need to get your puppy’s next vaccination. Puppies need two injections at eight to twelve weeks old, plus annual boosters when they’re adults. Find out more about how to prepare for a new puppy here.


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