Warm weather walkies

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27th June 2017
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31st August 2017

Warm summer days offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy some adventures with your four legged friends, whether it’s a coastal walk, exploring your local countryside or a trip to the beach.

 But, before setting off for some summer fun, there are some precautions you should bear in mind to keep your dog safe and healthy.

  1. If you need to drive to your destination, plan to be in the car at the cooler times of the day and when the roads will be least congested. Also plan in take regular breaks for your dog to stretch their legs. Never leave your dog in the car as they could overheat in as little as 20 minutes.
  2. Avoid walking your dog at the hottest times of the day, opting for the morning or later in the evenings when it will be a more comfortable temperature for them. You know best how far your dog can comfortably walk, so make sure your planned route isn’t too long.
  3. Take plenty of water with you so that your dog can have regular drinks.
  4. Dogs can get sunburnt, especially those with white or very little fur, so keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. You can also buy specialist dog sunscreen if your pooch is prone to burning.
  5. If you’re walking on a coastal path, keep your dog on a lead to ensure they don’t run too close to the cliff edge or disturb farm animals and wildlife.
  6. If you’re walking through a field with livestock, keep your dog on its lead and under close control, leaving as much space as possible between your dog and the animals. If cattle do start acting aggressively – which they may do if they have calves with them – you should let go of your dog and let it run away and make sure you leave the field as quickly as you can.
  7. When walking on bridleways, keep a look out for horse riders as horses can be frightened by loose dogs or barking.
  8. Before heading to the beach, do your research and make sure dogs are allowed on your chosen beach and if there are any peak season restrictions about them being kept on leads.
  9. Check the details of the tides in the area you are visiting and avoid any areas with strong currents or rip tides. If the sea isn’t safe enough for you to swim in, it definitely won’t be safe for your dog. If the water is safe and your dog enjoys swimming or paddling, keep your eye on them at all times and make sure they don’t venture too far from the shore.
  10. Be responsible and don’t let your dog foul a public right of way or open access land. Dog mess can harbour parasites which is harmful to cows and sheep. If there isn’t a bin nearby, double wrap the mess and wait until you find somewhere to properly dispose of it.

Getting out for regular walks with your pup is great for both you and them, and here at Douglas Hall Kennels, we’re lucky to be surrounded by some fantastic countryside which Coco loves exploring including around Ogden reservoirs at the foot of Pendle Hill, along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and through some of our local picturesque villages like Barley and Downham. We’ll be making the most of the warm weather with lots of evening walks but remember that if the weather is warmer than usual, or you’re going to be walking further than you would normally, to properly plan your adventure so that your dog’s health and wellbeing isn’t put at risk.