This is one way to celebrate the royal wedding with your patriotic pooch!

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5th April 2018
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to wed on Saturday 19th May at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. 

How far would you go to celebrate the royal wedding? A pair of royal wedding enthusiasts have built their dog a £5,000 Windsor Castle replica so that he can enjoy the Royal Wedding in style. The royally pampered pooch’s new abode is complete with a hot tub, throne and red carpet.  

His owners, who are lottery winners as well as avid royalists, wanted Alfie to have somewhere he can watch the royal wedding. The structure took a seven-man team 244 hour to construct, and Alfie loves every bit of it. On the day of the royal wedding, Alfie will wear a tuxedo and top hat as he shows off his castle to guests at their royal wedding themed BBQ. 

Do you want to celebrate the royal wedding with your pup? Mini tuxedo’s and bow ties are easy to find online and will well and truly get your dog in the mood for a good wedding! If you prefer a casual look, you can grab Royal Wedding 2018 dog T-shirts or bandanas!  

Will you be having a royal wedding party this month? Be sure to include your pup and offer plenty of biscuits and games! Let us know how you’ll be celebrating over on our Facebook page!