The importance of a comfortable puppy bed

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12th October 2016
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8th December 2016

After a long day of walks and a lot of play, your pup will love nothing more than getting into its warm and cosy bed for some much needed shut eye. However, not just any bed will do for your pup, no sir, you need to make sure that you choose a bed that is completely perfect for your pooch.

Similar to us as humans, it’s important for your pup to get a good night’s rest so they can be as lively, playful and affectionate as they want to be during the day. However, with so many different kinds of bed available to purchase, which one’s the right one for you pup?

As daft as it sounds, you need to consider the different materials that are available and consider which would be the best for your pooch. Fleece and faux-suede will keep them nice and toasty, whilst leather and plastic will be a bit more durable and allow for a little light chewing.

And this of course, isn’t the only element in ensuring your dog is well rested and comfortable. It also depends on the positioning of their bed in your home too.

If your pup is in a draught it is likely they won’t feel comfortable enough to go to sleep, so it’s important that you place your pup’s bed somewhere where you know will be nice and warm whilst being somewhere you know they won’t get up to any mischief during the night.

Colour is also important, albeit of a bigger importance to you than your pup. With all of the many colour choices available, you are bound to find a bed for your pup that will complement the rest of your home.

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