Perfect preparation for a new puppy

An ‘egg-cellent’ time for a new puppy
18th April 2017
Enjoy a summer staycation with your pup
27th June 2017

Bringing a new puppy home to be part of your family can be a very exciting time, but if it is to be a stress-free occasion for both you and your new addition, it’s important to be prepared.

The essentials

When you take your puppy home, be sure to stock up on their favourite foods for their homecoming which you can get right here at our onsite pet shop. At Douglas Hall Kennels, we can help to advise you on the right types of food for your new puppy and we stock a wide range of pet supplies including feeding bowls, food and treats, so don’t worry we can help you get off to the best start with your new addition.

Fun time

You could also buy your puppy some new toys to keep them stimulated in their new home and help them to feel comfortable and loved.

While you are bound to be excited about getting to know your new pet, it is important that you don’t over handle them at first, instead giving them time and space to get to know their new surroundings. You should also minimise exposure to loud noises at first to ensure they aren’t scared.

Love sleep

A good night’s sleep will help your puppy to feel refreshed and ready to explore their new environment. Choosing the right bed for your puppy’s needs and locating it in a draught free area of your home will help them to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. You can find out more about the importance of the right bed here.

New experiences

While your puppy is young and learning to be walked on a lead, you may want to consider using a harness for comfort and control. Using a dog crate in the house is also a good way of keeping your puppy safe and cutting down on training time.

A dog carrier for in the car is an invaluable investment for the new member of your family and an essential item for the exciting journey home. It is also important that you keep your vehicle well ventilated whenever your pup is travelling with you.

If you have any questions about introducing a new puppy whether that be a pedigree puppy or a cross-breed puppy to your family and home, don’t hesitate to ask us here at Douglas Hall Kennels.