Pair up your puppy

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25th January 2017
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29th March 2017

Puppies are a great addition to any household, providing love, happiness, companionship and fun. If you’ve already had a puppy, you’ll know this, but have you ever thought about doubling the ‘trouble’?!

Dogs are instinctively pack animals, so having a friend or fellow puppy in the household can be a great addition and definitely something worth thinking about.

We’ve compiled a few reasons why pairing up your pooches can have a positive effect for both you and your puppy.

Play dates during the day

For your pup, not you! Whilst you’re out at work, leading a busy lifestyle, it can sometimes be a little worrying leaving your puppy home alone – will they chew the sofa? Make their way through the cupboards? Not if they have another puppy in the home to keep them company.

Similar energy levels

If you are considering bringing a second puppy into the home, it’s important to consider dogs with a similar energy level to your current puppy. This way, they can tire each other out, play together on a similar level and there will be no ‘alpha male’ issues.


As a family, having a second dog should only enhance the family unit. Increase your family members, making you, the humans happy, but also the pups in your lives. Also, consider companionship for the dogs too – they love to play in pairs.


Training a second puppy is so much easier if you already have a trained puppy in the house – they copy each other! Honestly, the pups will mirror each other’s actions and before long, you’ll have two well trained, loved and fun dogs.

There are so many advantages to having a second dog in the home, we’ve only told you a few! Have you already got two pups? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, if you are after another puppy, you’ve come to the right place. Please get in touch so we can discuss the right option for you and your home and find out why to choose the best Lancashire Dog Kennels here.