Myths Debunked – Dispelling the myths on the big dog breeds

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9th August 2016
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8th September 2016

Many people often have the preconceived conception that large dog breeds, whether that be a pedigree or a cross breed, should be feared as they are intimidating, due to stereotypes and from stories publicised within the media.

We certainly don’t want you to lose out on the love a big dog can offer, so we’re ready to help dispel some of the most common falsehoods about them.

Myth: Big dogs can’t live in small spaces

It’s understandable that many people assume that a big dog requires a big space. But this isn’t always the case! A larger dog can live almost anywhere as long as there is enough space for them to roam around and you have somewhere external to the property where the dog is able to run off some of its energy.

Many big dogs are known to be content and happy to rest and relax after they have had their daily exercise of a walk, run, jog etc. very much like a smaller breed.

Myth: Big dogs are more aggressive

It’s quite common for people to be afraid of dogs like Mastiffs or Great Danes, much more so than with smaller breeds of dogs.

But there’s no truth to the idea that they’re necessarily more aggressive than their smaller peers. Many of these breeds of dogs are gentle giants.

Whilst it’s important to be careful around any breed of dog, you don’t have to be scared merely because of a breed’s larger size.

Myth: Big dogs aren’t lapdogs

While this myth is technically true (because of their size), if you think big dogs aren’t big cuddlers, there’s a good chance you just haven’t spent enough time with one. Some big dogs love nothing more than to snuggle up to their owner in an evening, it all depends on their personalities.

Myth: Big dogs aren’t good with kids

Many large and giant breeds of dog are great with children.

In fact, a dog’s personality is more important than his size when finding a family dog. Sometimes, children can be rough with small, fragile dogs.

The key is not to judge a book by its cover – or its size when figuring out what dog is the best fit for your family.

Why not take your family along when purchasing a pup, so you can see how they interact together before making a big commitment and bringing it home.

Myth: Big dogs tend to be overweight

Weight gain is primarily about how much you feed and exercise your pet. You can keep your big dog (or any size dog) trim with less food in their bowls and more miles on their feet. It’s all about finding the right balance between the two. Here at Douglas Hall Kennels we offer you advice and guidance on all of these elements – so you can get it right first time.

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