Keeping your dogs safe and happy this Bonfire Night

Five ways to keep your canine cool in this hot weather
16th July 2018

Bonfire Night is fast approaching – which can be exciting, or if you’re a dog owner, worrying. Some dogs are fine with various loud noises and lights. But sadly, some aren’t and the noises can trigger their nervous system causing them to become anxious and afraid. Considering that dogs can hear four times the distance of humans and higher-pitched sounds, it’s no wonder many are petrified. Running away from the noises can be a natural instinct for them.

Here are some of the best tips we find help you and your dog cope this Bonfire Night

1. Make sure you’re in a familiar place. If you know your dog suffers with the sound of fireworks, ensuring you’re somewhere familiar and with familiar company will really help soothe your pup.

2. Walk them earlier in the evening on Bonfire Night. Before the firework parties commence, ensure you’re home and settled with the curtains and windows closed.

3. Create a safe haven. Creating a space or den with blankets and your pups favourite toys can help calm your dog.

4. Preparing in advance – some pet owners find that playing firework noises in the run up to bonfire night can help your pet to adjust. Slowly increasing the volume of this, as long as they are coping, can desensitize your pup to fireworks.

5. Be with them. Soothing and stroking your pet whilst distracting them with chews and toys will let them know they’re safe.

However, creating too much of a fuss can alert your pet that somethings wrong, so do try to keep calm. Do you have any tips that work? Let us know over on our facebook page!