The importance of insuring your pup

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29th November 2017
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5th February 2018

Here at Douglas Hall Kennels, we provide four week’s pet insurance for all of our puppies, along with the option to extend this further.

This gives you time to get your pup settled into their new home before sorting out your own long-term insurance policy for your new four-legged family member. But, it’s very important that you do keep up your pet insurance cover.

Figures from the Association of British Insurers show that only around 30% of dogs in the UK are currently insured, leaving their owners vulnerable to some huge payments if they were involved in an accident or suffered a serious long-term illness.

The average pet insurance claim is £720, but claims can run into the thousands if your pet develops an on-going condition. It’s important that dog owners consider if they would be able to afford the unplanned expenditure if their dog did become ill.

Pet insurance is designed to cover the cost of veterinary care for both one-off accidents and injuries and ongoing treatments for long-term conditions and the medication needed to treat them.

You can also add on additional cover to most policies for things like help in locating your dog if it goes missing, holiday cancellation compensation and public liability cover in case your dog injures someone or is involved in an incident which causes property to be damaged.

According to Which? 70% of all pet insurance claims are for illness, not accidents and there are a wide range of policy types available to choose from which bear this in mind. Policies typically include lifetime cover annual policies or accident only cover. It’s also worth considering that the older your dog gets, the harder it will be to take out a new insurance policy.

With the cost of veterinary treatment rising each year, it’s essential that as a dog owner, you ask yourself you really can afford not to insure your much-loved family member.

If you need any help choosing the right insurance policy for your dog, please speak to one of our team.