Growing Pup!

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29th September 2016
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When your pup gets to the age of around 3 – 6 months old, socialising becomes a vital part of its growing period. Socialising amongst many other things, is an important element to making sure your pup develops in to a healthy, active and friendly dog. With these top tips we’ve put together you’re bound to get your pup interacting in no time at all!

So what is socialisation for dogs?

Socialising is about teaching your pup important life skills and giving it the confidence to deal with the many different situations that it will experience during its life.

As a licenced UK breeder we will have already started the process of introducing socialisation and it’s important for you continue this actively, starting as soon as your pup arrives home and able continuously building on until your dog reaches adulthood.

 How to socialise your pup

You can start this process by writing a checklist of all the things you would like your dog to be comfortable with encountering when you take it out and about. This list should include household items such as traffic, cars, all types of other dogs and any other situation in which you want your dog to be confident.

When socialising your dog, try to keep sessions short and always positive. Make sure all experiences are pleasant for your pup, giving lots of praise and rewards.

Meeting other dogs

Try to introduce your pup to as many different types of dogs as possible, but when possible, make sure that all experiences are pleasant. Begin with dogs that you know and build up on these positive experiences initially.

A puppy training class can also be a great way for your pet to meet other dogs. However, it is important that interactions are controlled so that your pup has a good experience.

Before your dog is fully vaccinated make sure he only meets dogs whose vaccination status you are completely sure about.

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