Enjoy a summer staycation with your pup

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25th May 2017
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26th July 2017

As we head into July, many people will be preparing for a getaway somewhere with friends and family, but if you can’t bear the thought of not taking your favourite four-legged friend with you, what should you consider before travelling with your dog?

When travelling with a dog, planning ahead is essential, from choosing the perfect destination to making sure you don’t leave essential items at home.

We’ve put together some top tips to make sure your canine friend enjoys their holiday as much as you and ensure you all return home with memories to last a lifetime.

  1. Choose the perfect destination – everyone in your travelling party will have their own list of requirements to make the perfect holiday, including your dog. Make sure you choose dog friendly accommodation and before booking, speak to the hotel, campsite or accommodation owner to make sure they allow dogs regardless of size and breed and see if there are any restrictions on where they can go in the venue.
  2. Book in a health check – your dog should have a regular health check anyway, but it is especially important before travelling as they may come into contact with other animals carrying fleas, ticks or worms. Ensuring flea treatments are up-to-date will help to protect them and it’s also the ideal opportunity to order any repeat prescriptions to make sure you are covered for the time you are away and, if your dog is not already microchipped, book them in for this now legal requirement, just in case they go missing while you are away from familiar territory.
  3. Plan an itinerary – before departing, research dog friendly day trips, restaurants, cafes and activities. If you’re taking your four-legged friend with you, it’s not fair to expect them to remain in your accommodation alone for long periods each day. You must also consider how long you will be on the go each day and make sure you plan in regular rest and refreshment breaks.
  4. Pack the essentials – just as you like to take your home comforts and essentials away with you, it’s important to remember your dog’s dry and wet food, water bowl, leash, collar, poo bags, bed, shampoo, towels and favourite toys. It’s worth doing some research before you set off to find the nearest pet shop in case you forget anything and make sure you have a recent picture of your dog on your phone just in case they run off and you need help searching for them.
  5. Plan your journey – if you’re travelling by car it may be worth going on some practice journeys in the lead up to your holiday to prepare your dog for being secured safely in your vehicle. Crates or harnesses are recommended and you must plan in regular rest stops to allow them to stretch their legs. If they suffer from travel sickness, make sure you have plenty of remedies easily accessible in the car and avoid feeding them just before you set off.
  6. Stick to routine – familiarise your dog with their holiday accommodation and local surroundings soon after arriving at your destination to help them feel comfortable and then try to keep their routine as close as possible to at home. Their favourite toy or blanket will help as well as meal times at roughly the same time as at home.
  7. Keep them safe – everyone relaxes when they’re on holiday but, as you would with a small child, it’s important to be vigilant about dangers in unfamiliar surroundings. Be particularly careful when walking in unfamiliar surroundings and when around other animals.


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