Choosing the right puppy for you – Top 10 tips to consider when purchasing a puppy

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18th July 2016
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4th August 2016

Owning a puppy is a great thing. Not only do puppies provide unconditional love and loyal companionship as they grow up, they are considered as the perfect element to boost social skills, family activity and increase confidence of both adults and children.

All of this being said, the decision to take a puppy home warrants some careful consideration. Not all breeds are the same size, temperament or shape. Some puppies will need to be exercised more than others and some may need more living space than others.

Here at Douglas Hall Kennels, we help to identify all of these elements and offer advice and guidance on which puppy is best suited to you, after having a chat about your expectations and living situation. It is crucial that we match you with the perfect puppy for you and your family; this in the long run causes less stress and heartache for both you and the puppy you are considering taking home.

To help you identify which puppy may be right for you, we’ve put together 10 top tips to consider before purchasing a puppy.

1. Size of your home – What type of home do you live in? Is it an apartment, terraced house, semi-detached etc. This should be taken into consideration when thinking of the size of puppy you’re looking to purchase. Some puppies will need larger spaces than others to roam around freely.

2. Space outside of your home – Do you have a garden, live near a park, or have a back yard? This is really important to consider, as all puppies will need some area outside of your home to be able to get fresh air and stretch their legs a little after being inside.

3. Family members – Do you have children or live with anyone elderly? All puppies have different energy and temperament levels, which should be an important factor to take in to consideration when looking in to the different breeds of puppies. Perhaps bring the family members along to interact with the puppies in the first instance to get an insight in to how comfortable your family members feel around the different breeds and which one is best suited to them as well as you.

4. Your activity/ability level –
You need to think about yours and your family’s fitness levels. Each breed varies in energy level and some will need taking on longer walks than others, you’ll need to be aware of how many times a day the puppy will need walking to keep them in tip top shape.

5. Amount of time you have to spend with your pet –
Are you at work for long periods of time or do you have time to pop home on your lunch break? Puppies need attention and some breeds can’t go for long periods of time without interaction. If you do work full time and can’t pop home at lunchtime don’t let this put you off though, there are plenty of dog walkers around that you could get to call in to take your puppy out for a walk each day.

You just need to ensure when choosing a breed that you are aware of how much time they need and how often they need to be taken out for a walk.

6. Your finances –
Don’t worry, this isn’t to scare you! But puppies need essential items just like humans do. To give you an idea, things such as: dog food, somewhere to sleep, health checks and vaccinations. Weighing up your finances to see if you can afford to provide your puppy with these things is important, nobody wants you to feel as though it is a stretch to provide for both yourself and your puppy as well.

7. Are there any other animals in the household? – Sometimes this can be a big element to making the decision to add another family member to the household. It’s important to consider if other pets within the household will adapt to a new family member, consider your existing pet’s temperament and take this into consideration when looking in to the different breeds of puppies.

8. Do you spend a lot of time away from home with work or on holiday? – This isn’t a deciding factor as to whether you should purchase a puppy or not, however it should be taken into consideration. As long as you know where your puppy will go when you’re away and you know that they are being taken care of then that’s fine; you just need to have a plan in place to ensure that your puppy is well looked after whilst you’re away from home.

9. Breeds you have seen and considered purchasing – Have you seen any types of breeds already that you would be interested in bringing home? Do your research! Take into consideration all of the elements we have previously mentioned and get to know the breed inside and out.

10. Commitment level – How do you feel after reading these tips?
Are you still sure that purchasing a puppy is right for you and your situation? You need to be committed to the decision you are making and make sure that purchasing a puppy is right for you and that you are well equipped and prepared to look after a new addition.

If you have any other questions in regards to purchasing a puppy or would like any advice in regards to which breed is right for you, give us a call today for a chat on 07779 956076 | 01282 694461 or pop in and see us, we’re open every day. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction and help to match you with the perfect puppy for your household.