5 Myths Debunked – Small Dogs

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4th August 2016
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17th August 2016


Here at Douglas Hall Kennels we have a variety of puppies, whether that be a pedigree puppy or a cross breed puppy, looking for their forever homes both big and small, but many steer away from certain sizes due to myths or stereotypes that may have been previously heard or seen in the media.

To put these myths to rest we’ve put together 5 myths debunked surrounding small dogs. We hope you find these useful and they give you some real insight as to which sized dog is best suited to you and your family.

  1. Small dogs are yappy – There are certain breeds of smaller dogs whose barks are high and loud. But that doesn’t mean that all little breeds are barkers. In fact, some small dogs, like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Italian Greyhounds are amongst the quieter breeds of small dogs.

It’s also important to keep in mind that pet owners are sometimes to blame for a dog’s barking behaviour. This could be from dog owners encouraging their pups to bark by giving them lots of attention when they make noise. Instead of shouting at or picking up a barking dog, the owner should teach the dog to become quiet upon command.

  1. Small dogs Don’t Need Exercise – Many smaller breeds are just as energetic as larger dogs. Jack Russell Terriers, Schipperkes, Shelties, Miniature Bull Terriers and plenty of other small breeds tend to enjoy canine sports and jogging.
  1. All Small Dogs Are Lap dogs – Although some dogs are bred to sit in your lap, not all small dogs like to be fussed over and squished in to small spaces just because they’re little. For example, Pomeranians or Jack Russell pups don’t tend to enjoy being sat in one place and fussed over for a lengthy period of time.

And just because some small dogs fit perfectly in a purse doesn’t mean they want to be carried in one all the time — or at all. Many small breeds would prefer to walk on their own four legs.

  1. Small dogs Are “Less Manly” and are for women – There are still some people who believe small dogs aren’t a good fit for men. Contrary to belief many small dogs excel at sports, make good watchdogs and are incredibly loyal.
  1. Small dogs don’t need obedience training – WRONG: Small dogs still need as much training as larger dogs do. Small dogs are smart and often train even faster than larger dogs, they may not be pulling wheelchairs or guiding the blind but they can help to pick up and bring things to their owner.

We hope some of these debunked myths have cleared up some of your pre-conceptions and have helped you to identify whether a smaller dog would be the perfect fit for your family and your activity level.

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